Guide to the Materials Virtual Lab.


Group jobs

Group jobs are technically not directly related to individual research, but nonetheless needs to be done to ensure the smooth functioning of the group as a whole. All group members are assigned at least one group job (no exceptions unless in extremely unusual circumstances).

As a MAVRL group member, you are expected to carry out your group job in a professional manner. That means you are held responsible for anything that happens in that area. It means that you do whatever is necessary to handle the day-to-day functions, and consult Shyue Ping if there are specific issues you cannot resolve. Shyue Ping will treat all non-performance in group jobs just as seriously as non-performance in research.

Job name Responsibilities Person in charge
Cluster Manager - Purchases of new nodes
- Adding users to TSCC, XSEDE, NERSC, etc.
- Resolving problems (including VASP installation)
- Guide new users on usage of these resources
- Monitor resource usage.
- Mahdi
- Ji
Data Manager - Manages mavarldata
- Monitors usage and backup
- Adding of new users
- Buy additional storage where necessary
DB Manager - Manages mavarldb
- Monitors usage and backup
- Add new users
- Buy additional storage where necessary
- Create fireworks databases for new users
Backup Manager - Manages Dropbox and Crashplan backup for all users.
- Ensure backup for database and file server systems.
- Guides new users in performing backups (note that each member is responsible for performing his own backup, except for the database, which will be backed up by the overall manager)
Meeting Manager - Sets up the group meeting schedule and do the necessary admin (booking of rooms, etc.)
- Maintains the group calendars MAVRL, MAVRL Class and MAVRL Travel.
- Performs hardware purchases and service (laptops, monitors, etc.)
Software Manager - Master Github repo manager for the materialsvirtuallab organization (adds/deletes users, guide setup for new users, etc.)
- Maintain group software licenses (VASP, Pycharm, etc.).
Web Manager - Maintains the group’s public website and private wiki.
- Adds users as needed.
- Ensures both sites are up to date.
Morale Manager - Organizes social activities.
- Ensures health and morale of group members.
- Buys equipment for group use and meetings such as USB cables and snacks/coffee.